Innovative Home Lighting by Artecnica

From on February 24, 2010 in Home Decor

While most people find self-expression in artwork or furniture pieces, there are those that dream of finding the perfect lighting apparatus - their crown center-pièce de résistance. If you’re one of those (awesome) individuals, then these lamps from Artecnica were made for you.

Garland Brass + Table Lamp Stand

innovative lighting brass lamp

This whimsical little number reflects its namesake well with a splash of gold and a design reminiscent of snowflakes. Even better, it allows the owner to play designer by wrapping the garland around the bulb itself. $170.

Icarus Light

innovative lighting icarus

If you want to take the plunge into the depths of awesome décor, this hanging piece might just do the trick. Draped in feathers that emit slivers of light, it resembles the famed wings of Icarus more than a traditional lamp. $84.

Anemone Lamp

innovative lighting anemone

Creating a tactile experience out of lighting a room, this innovative lamp looks like a cross between a tree and a multitude of four-walled cells. The light itself is enclosed within a metal core inside the structure. $290.

Garland Light (Silver)

innovative lighting garland light

Similar to the Garland Lamp, the Garland Light looks more like a white Christmas than a rockin’ New Year. This hanging light can be redesigned and changed whenever the mood strikes, and obviously serves as a conversation piece no matter where it’s placed. $75.

Second Shadow Light

innovative lighting shadow light

Fully assembled upon delivery, this forest-scene-floral-garden pattern only appears when the light is on, and returns to normal single-hue once switched off. $95.

Book of Lights

innovative lighting book lights

Now this is just plain mind-blowing. The uniquely designed Book of Lights is a tabletop lamp hidden in a seemingly ordinary book. Flip it open when it’s time to read and snap, everything is illuminated. $46.