Hot Décor Roundup: Pieces that Fit Together Seamlessly

From on March 01, 2010 in Home Decor

When I decorated my first home, I scrambled all over the place searching for living room furniture that worked together. From antique shops to Bob’s, I visited them all, big and small, upscale and low-budget. What did I get for my efforts? A chock-a-block living room that I hated. Now I think that unless you have a decorator, or a very gifted mom like mine, you’re better off finding three or four stores that fit your budget and assembling your room from there. Along with knowing you can afford the furnishings you see, you’ll get the added bonus of a “collection” that’s not really part of a set. The lines, shapes and colors will be more consistent even across the various styles. home decor metal tableModern Furniture’s got it all. The living room sets are contemporary bordering on funky, and affordable as well. These shiny metal tables by designers Jens Vang and Per Weiss beg to be grouped in an assortment of different heights. home decor living room I’d pair these tables with something contemporary and clean. Pulling a living room together can’t get any easier than buying a sofa, loveseat, and accent chair set. The Clover collection is modern yet classic, so I don’t feel like it’s too matchy-matchy. With almost any sofa set, I usually ditch the accent pillows it comes with and take the look to another level with complementary but different colors, textures and fabrics. home decor lamp For accent pieces, I love West Elm. I also like to combine subtle Asian accents, like this floor lamp, with my modern pieces. I think it makes the whole room design more sophisticated, grown-up and stylish, yet also fun and eclectic. This art piece is great for tying all the other furniture together. home decor bulter tray Add other great accents like this butler tray and stand, also from West Elm… home decor silver rug ...and a plush silvery hand-tufted rug from Spacify, and you’ve got a stunning living space that I think you’ll agree looks like you shopped from many more than three stores.