Home Design Trends 2010: The Rise of Bamboo, Marble & Soapstone

From on March 24, 2010 in Home Decor

Trends in homebuilding materials have been evolving for a while now, but no one expected such rapid shifts all over the country, particularly the resurgence of marble and dominant rise of a relative newcomer, bamboo.

Eco-Friendly Flooring is Here to Stay

design trends bedroom hardwood floorsBrazilian cherry jatoba hardwood flooring

Ten years ago, the majority of hardwood flooring materials came from domestic trees, such as oak. Today, however, most are being replaced with imported woods, like bamboo, loved for its finely woven strands, and jatoba, a Brazilian wood known for its gorgeous mahogany tones.

design trends bamboo flooringBamboo’s finely woven threads offer character unmatched by other materials

The Popularity of Wide-Plank Hardwood

Igor Murokh, owner of Mr. Floor Co. in Chicago, reports a significant change in the size of flooring being purchased. While the common size used to be 2 ¼-inch thickness, some have increased up to 10 inches. Murokh believes that the change comes from a general increase in the overall size of rooms – perhaps the ever-increasing kitchen-family-room-hybrid coming to prominence in so many homes across America.

Soapstone & Marble Kitchen Countertops

design trends soapstone countertops

For the pricier homebuilding projects, Stephen Knutson, an architect from Evanston, IL, has begun using soapstone countertops and German silver for sinks. These materials certainly bring a higher price tag, but for those willing to spend extra, they work wonders for first impressions. His clients, they say, want something to set them apart from their neighbors. Stainless steel and granite have become all too common for the more unique homeowners.

design trends marble countertopsA beautiful marble kitchen

Others have opted for marble countertops for that classic and “timeless” appeal. It certainly is hard to imagine marble ever going out of style. Durability-wise, it’s not an optimal choice. It is susceptible to stains and scuffs. A good sealant, however, can take care of that problem – just be sure to seal it correctly.

If you’re ready to jump on the design trend bandwagon, take a look at these amazing materials. But if these don’t appeal to your senses, you can always sit back, relax and wait for the next round of advancements to come along.

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