Here Comes the Sun: 5 Furnishings by Delia of Portland

From on February 05, 2010 in Home Decor

delia furnishing tables#1 - Some things look better in multiples, especially if they’re brightly colored – flowers, jellybeans… and these sunny tables. At $65 each, a trio is an affordable complement to any room.

delia furnishing colored glass#2 - Remember the Sleestak’s on the Land of the Lost? I’m certain my love of intensely colored glass stems from their use of that crystal matrix table. And it may also explain why I want this $150 piece bad. “Add to Favorites” – click!

delia furnishing bed frame#3 - Check out this whimsical spiral bed with optional canopy. Easy assembly is required, and we’re told it’s sturdy. $900 (with canopy in Queen, Double or Full).

delia furnishing dingle bed#4 - Or, if you’re not clumsy like me and thus less likely to impale your body parts on the spires, perhaps this bed is more to your liking. The Dingle Bed – yes, the Dingle Bed – is said to be Willy Wonka-inspired and features fired-clay ornaments. $800.

delia furnishing arching bed#5 - And finally, the Arching Bed in Steel (cat not included). Shown here in a most suitable environment, it really illustrates what a difference a headboard can make. Will the list of home furnishings I crave never end? $700.

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