Headboard Inspiration to Wrap Your Head Around

From on April 01, 2011 in Home Decor

Awesome Red Modern Headboard

A headboard is an easy way to add drama to a bedroom. Forget buying a bedroom suite. Forget even buying an entire bed frame with headboard and footboard. Think outside the [sleeping] box and consider the options available to you. With a little forethought, and some fun shopping around (or fun constructing on your own), you can create a headboard like no other. Take a look at these inspirations.

Modern Green Leather Headboard Inspiration

So retro, so cool. This green leather adds nice color and a bright shine for a happy good morning. Isn’t this bedroom unique?

antique headboard

Take a look through flea markets and antique stores for a headboard that needs some love. Re-cover it with fabric that will add life and individuality to your space.

headboard moulding

Traditional charm here. This headboard is surprisingly easy to make. It’s really simply an assemblage of painted wood and molding. So refined, so easy.

fabric headboard

Add drama with drapery. Here a high-contrast color stands out, but consider also adding a velvet or more substantial fabric in a similar color as your walls and bedding, creating smooth continuity.

Photo Credit: Home Designing, DIY Ideas, & Headboard Design