Going for a Hollywood Glam Remodel? 10 Ways to Rock the House

From on July 23, 2010 in Home Decor

Just received your third Oscar? Own a multi-gazillion-dollar house in L.A. thanks to your dozen blockbusters? Remodeling and simply want to feel like a star? Here are 10 elements of the fabulously glamorous Hollywood style to incorporate into your home renovation.

#1- Sexy Game Room

glam game room

For the undoubted hours of leisure you’re looking to fill, create a sexy game room complete with a pool table, sound system for great mood music, and lighting that can create an evening glow. Fabulous view like this one from Jennifer Aniston’s new home featured in Architectural Digest not included, though highly recommended.

#2 – Full-Service Bar

full bar

No, you may not juggle glasses like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, but you can entertain with panache when you create a full-service bar. A simple renovation and quick way to revolutionize a room and add instant cool factor to your pad, a full bar lets you take the party home.

#3 – Fireside Lounge

glam outdoor fireplace

Whether it’s an indoor-meets-outdoor suspended fireplace like this one, or your traditional mantle, modernize your fireplace and design a fabulous lounge area around it. You’ll tempt houseguests to loosen up à la California style and lounge for hours of visiting, or simply encourage yourself to take your from-home work or that morning latte to a more relaxing setting.

#4 – In-House Movie Theater

home movie theater

True to the Hollywood scene, you can’t (and don’t want to) escape movies. In fact, you can take your appreciation for film up to aficionado status when you create an in-house movie theater. This can be a relatively non-intrusive change to your home, setting off a room specifically and adding a screen, good lighting, and comfortable seating. Consider a popcorn maker and vending machine for that dark corner and your theater cravings.

#5 – Formal Dining Room

dining room

Wheeling and dealing your next film idea requires that you entertain in a formal dining setting. This room, belonging to the French underground restaurant called the Hidden Kitchen, transforms an elegant living room by day to a full-scale regal dining room by night.

#6 – Bold Opulence

bold opulence

Of course, Hollywood wouldn’t be what it is without the glam. Boldly incorporate opulence in your style. This doesn’t have to mean going over the top with every detail, but being willing to incorporate grand color, texture, or some fantastical piece of unexpected furniture. Or all of the above.

#7 – Personal Day Spa Bathroom

spa bathroom

For the times when you want to feel Zen in the privacy of your own home, turn your bathroom into a personal day spa. Change the flooring and tiling. Replace your tub. Install lighting that can go from a functional bright to a relaxing dim. Think sleek, think subtle, think spa.

#8 – Car Lover’s Garage

glam garage

Protect that flashy ride. Refurbish and organize your garage into a real car-lover’s space. Or build a new garage, like this one that comes out of the ground.

#9 – Pool Party Patio

pool patioBuild a pool house or similarly open room attached to your home to merge the outdoors with the indoors when entertaining. Creating a lounge area around a fireplace (even a free-standing one) and dining capacity for open, breezy fun.

#10 – Lush Boudoir

master bedroom

You need your beauty rest. No matter how private or public your bedroom, make a lush boudoir that leaves you refreshed and indulged. This could take a major renovation, or it could be achieved through the smaller details, such as how you position your bed, how the light comes in, and how you stack your linens. Create another lounge space within the room so you can find privacy and respite with style.

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest, House of Pics, Tribal Screens, Hidden Kitchen, Du Cote de chez Vous, Bedzine, Elle Decor, & Jay Graham