Fruits, Veggies and…Home Storage?

From on May 19, 2010 in Home Decor

Capitalizing on the unique sights of Brazil’s marketplace, Mauricio Arruda designed an interesting line of storage pieces that he calls José. Innovative, yes. Sleek and sophisticated? Maybe not. jose storage fruit bins The main goal in this project is to stick with eco-friendly materials while creating a functional storage addition to any room. Each piece contains an FSC-certified wooden shelving structure with wax instead of a solvent-based finish, and a collection of colorful bins made from recycled plastic. jose storage shelf The Brazilian inspiration takes form in the colors of the bins themselves; each one represents a different fruit or vegetable found in the marketplace. jose storage spacejose storage fruit shelfGreat for brightening up a dark and dreary storage-needy garage space, but front and center in the entryway? Not sure I’m sold on the idea… would you pick one up for your home?