From Floor to Ceiling: 5 Cool Picks from g Select

From on April 23, 2010 in Home Decor

Here’s a round-up of some very interesting products from Gessato – can you see them in your home?

#1 - Shoelace Rug

gessato design shoelace rug

Whenever my mother is trying on a top or dress that she’s unsure about, she says, “Well, maybe with the right pair of shoes….” It’s like that for me with this rug, made out of actual shoelaces. Designed by Nate Silverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh, it will certainly make a statement. I’d consider it for a teenager’s room. Even a messy one, since you can just throw this rug in the washing machine with everything they’ll pile on top of it.

#2 - Liquid Lamp

gessato design liquid lamp

I think this is pretty cool! The completely smooth steel shade looks like an overturned bucket of red paint. The tabletop version would be good on any creative person’s desk, or use the wall-mounted one in a play room, music room, or anywhere fun is a requirement. And it comes in different colors.

#3 - Sticky Lamp

gessato design sticky lamp

OK, these are just great. I would definitely buy a few of these. At $47 each, the PVC, cleverly made from packaging, the lamps stick wherever you put them. I like their squiggly, floating balloon effect. Only for use with energy saver or LED lamps. Photo from designer Chris Kabel’s website.

#4 - Touring Clock

gessato design touring clock

Another steal at $44, I know a few motorheads who’d love this little guy racing around the clock’s face. The piece is 9.1” and is constructed of wood and metal with a nice abstract design and pleasing color scheme. Check it out here.

#5 - Tam Tam Stools

gessato design tam tam stool

Finally, there’s the Tam Tam Stool. The $69 seat is 17.8” h x 11.8” and is a vibrant indigo color.

From floor to ceiling, there you have it!