Fresh Start-Up Duo Turns Felled Trees into Home Furnishings

From on August 31, 2010 in Home Decor

Old growth trees into furniture

With warmth and personality that other materials just can’t match, wood has found a place in our homes for centuries. So when Seth Meyer and John Wells decided to craft damaged trees into custom furniture, they had quite a few people interested in their idea.

The beauty of their business is simple. Rather than standing by while mature trees are discarded at the hands of urban development, or deemed “unsalvageable” after severe storms, Meyer Wells allows your favorite old tree to become part of your daily experience. For customers Richard and Donna Majer, this meant turning their gorgeous (yet wounded) 53-year-old Oak tree into a bar for their kitchen. Richard Majer had planted it with his father when he was kid, and so understandably didn’t want to lose the towering “family member” in the backyard.

It’s folks like the Majers that have given this emotion-driven, idealistic business two legs to stand on. And despite the economic downturn, the company has seen an increase in profit from the day they started, and is poised to top $1 million by the end of this year. They now are a nine-employee team with clientele as notable as Starbucks and the University of Washington.

Sustainability remains a cornerstone of the business, and they are committed to using nontoxic water-based finishes for all of their products. Their employees also enjoy added benefits and paid vacations—impressive for such a small company.

Luckily for Meyer Wells, sustainable wood furnishings are not a passing fad. Something tells me things are just heating up.

Photo via Flickr; Source via The New York Times