Elegance Made Easy

From on January 07, 2010 in Home Decor

Sometimes we get so caught up in the glitzy trends and modern features of design that we forget how well classic design methods can stand the test of time. Not only are the old ways sometimes more aesthetically pleasing, but they also require fewer updates as the times change.

elegant room style

Elegance often goes hand in hand with simplicity. One of the things I notice first in rooms that I would consider to be elegant or opulent is that they look a bit sparse at first, with few pieces of furniture, lots of open space and absolutely no clutter.

elegant room kitchen

If you’re looking to add a little grace and sophistication to your home this year, try employing some or all of these methods to a room in your house:


Go back to the basics by painting your room in neutral hues that are warm and soft. White and cream can be too stark; try using shades of tan. If you want to go for a little extra oomph on the walls, find a nice floral wall covering or one with subtly colored large repeat patterns. elegant bed room


Choose one antique or unusual piece of furniture to be the focal point of the room. Estate sales, auctions and even sometimes thrift stores can be a great way to acquire such a piece at a bargain price. Make the piece the focus of the room by placing a large painted artwork or tapestry behind it, or laying a beautiful oriental rug in front. elegant room dining


Instead of canister lights, track lighting or floor lamps, opt for chandeliers or other ceiling-mounted fixtures that enhance the room’s elegance. elegant living room


Classical rooms often have large chunky moldings around them. Add tall crown molding around the ceiling or go for a different look by placing the moldings a foot or two below the ceiling and turning them into a shelf. This can be a great way to display classy collections of sculptures, pottery or ceramic pieces - just be sure that they fit the look of the room. Small lights can also be mounted on the shelving, shining upward to highlight your collection. elegant room patio


Luxurious rooms aren’t usually completely neutral, though, so don’t forget to introduce some rich colors. Additional furniture in the room can add to the elegance if it features deep beautiful wood hues like cherry or mahogany. Artwork, tapestries, rugs, curtains and other accessories with lush and luxuriant colors should enhance the look of the room without distracting the eye from your main focal points.