Contractor Magazine Announces 2008 Reader’s Choice Awards

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Contractor MagazineContractor Magazine has just announced its readers’ favorite products of 2008. Not surprisingly, this year’s readers’ choice awards revolve primarily around renewable energy and energy efficient products. Awards are based on the highest responses from the new product sections that appear monthly in the magazine. In response to a high demand for green products the magazine elected to include an extra page featuring them in its 2008 issues. That demand permeates the list of 2008 winners.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Viessman Solar System Packages

    Viessmann Solar System Packages
    They include a storage tank, system control, pre-assembled pumping station, hardware and more. Systems are available with vacuum tube and flat plate solar collectors. They can also be integrated with conventional boilers for hybrid systems.

  2. Apricus Solar Collectors

    Apricus solar collector
    Twin-glass, highly efficient, Evacuated tube collectors. An insulated copper pipe, containing a heat transfer fluid, runs at the head of the collector where heat is then transferred into the living space. Read more about Apricus from our residential solar power website.

  3. The SolarAide Passive Solar Water Heater

    Rheem SolarAide Passive Solar Water Heater
    A freeze-proof heat transfer fluid is circulated through a black, powder-coated solar collector. The heated fluid then flows through a sealed tank which itself contains a glass-lined storage tank through which potable water flows. The transfer fluid heats the water within the tank, which then circulates back into the home.

  4. The Malcolm Plastic Welding Kit

    Malcolm Plastic Welding Kit
    Includes a Weldy Plus programmable hot air tool, which itself includes adjustable heat and air flow. Also look for a pipe welding nozzle and two-pound supply of welding rod. What makes this kit so special is its design. It can repair Schedule 40 and 80 piping systems without glue. Separate nozzles for liners, tanks, and other products are also available.

  5. Stiebel Eltron Solar Water Heating System

    Stiebel Eltron
    Closed loop, flat plat collector system designed for commercial and residential use. The kit comes with everything necessary for installation from collector to mounting hardware.

Considering that this is the first year in which green products have been included in Contractor Magazine’s products sections, one can’t help but be a bit impressed that four out of the top five readers’ choice winners are solar power systems, a true sign of the present shift in remodeling and construction.

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