Color, Color Everywhere: 6 Ideas to Brighten Your Space

From on March 29, 2010 in Home Decor

#1 – Pick a fantastic rug.

bright colors pixel rug This brilliantly vibrant Tufted Pixel Rug by the Portuguese Piodao Group would undoubtedly brighten any room – or mood. It incorporates a color palette with enough variety to pick up existing colors in your room’s design scheme.

#2 – Allow your light bulbs to do the design-brightening for you.

bright colors lights Hand-etched for a whimsical lighting effect, these shadow lamps created by Melissa Borrell could liven any space. Just imagine what they’d look like on a colored wall.

#3 – Add a little twinkle to your walls.

bright colors light painting Not every space could jive with this string of bulbs, but it’d look perfect in a fun hang-out spot or kid’s room. The design pack comes from Supermarket HQ and allows the buyer to pick the color scheme.

#4 – Roll out a mini landscape across your floor.

bright colors topography rugbright colors topography room Love the way the landscape looks from 30,000 feet? Liz Eeuwes, a Canadian designer, makes this her inspiration for a new line of topography rugs. She’s wise to situate them as focal points in room design, seeing as their boldness is almost too hot to handle.

#5 – Accent away!

bright colors pillow What do you think about this pillow’s color scheme? Too much? Made from corduroy cut from mill ends, this pick by Aster + Sage is machine-washable and super soft.

#6 – Choose a book by its cover.

bright colors book Books don’t just have to be for reading. This book rack, simply called Slim, allows you to display a treasured collection on the wall and use it as a colorful design element.

Lesson of the day? Splashes of color can come from a wide variety of places…