Beautiful Removable Wall Art & Reflective Sticker Designs

From on December 03, 2009 in Home Decor

Some of Mandellia’s wall art pieces look like paintings, others like sketches, and still others…well, like very cool stickers. If you’re looking for something different to make your space compete, something from this collection will definitely up your artsy status.

sticker design manhattan

In lieu of an abstract design you don’t understand (or even like), try one of these reflective vinyl designs above your couch for a mirror effect.

sticker design spiralsticker design flowers

These stickers are printed on quality vinyl. You simply peel them from the transfer paper and adhere them to the wall, using a squeegee to remove any air bubbles. It appears the wallpaper designs are meant to be glued.

sticker design chrysler manhattan

Create your own penthouse with a large Manhattan skyline, or provide a photo for custom wallpaper!

sticker design bedroomsticker design parissticker design laptop

The company offers a host of fun decals in a variety of sizes for your walls, tiles, furniture, dishes and even laptops and iPods.

I’ve bookmarked Mandellia for a future decorating project of my own!