An Interview with Erin Loechner - Design Blogger

From on September 02, 2010 in Home Decor

Hello, CalFinder! I’m Erin Loechner, a freelance design blogger with a penchant for art, culture and inspiring finds. You can find all three of those things (and more) at my daily design blog, Design for Mankind, but for now, I’m here to share a few of my all-time favorite wall installations.

I’m a huge fan of an artful home, and nothing gives me the hives quite like barren, empty walls. Naturally, I thought it might be fun to round up a few of super creative ideas to get your juices flowing—- and combat those white walls for good!:

If you’re not afraid of color and don’t mind living a life of craziness, take a cue from the folks at Hernan Paganini and walk on the wild side. Invest in a few (or 20!) different shades of color and go crazy on your walls. Why not?

Feeling something a bit more… unexpected? If you’re crafty, try and channel your inner Mircea Cantor and build a soda can sculpture. Throw a soda party, get creative and recycle away!

Perhaps you’d prefer understated elegance. Chris Held and Andrew Vomhof created a painstakingly time-consuming Persian rug out of a dry erase board and a few markers, and if you ask me, it’s screaming to be installed onto a wall!

On a budget? Try colorful electrical tape and let the games begin!

Of course, streamers are always an option, and they’re no longer just for parties. Gina Osterloh said so!

Want to show off your mad doodling skills? Try applying aux molding with… [gasp!] a Sharpie! Or, draw whatever you’d like a la Kate Neckel.

A sheet of painter’s canvas can make a stunning art piece with a bit of paint, or you could opt for a few trash bags to get the job done.

It’s true; the possibilities are endless. With a bit of handiwork, creativity and some everyday tools, you can transform those boring walls to show-stopping murals. Good luck!