Amazing Decor Solutions for Renters

From on August 03, 2010 in Home Decor

renting decor art

It’s a common renter’s conundrum: you want to aesthetically own the place you live in, without actually owning it. So how to take a temporary residence and embed yourself as if it were your own? Remember first that even if the landlord allows major modifications, you don’t want to spend your own money on something you’ll leave behind when you move. Go for the things that bring a big individualistic bang for your buck.

#1 – Become an Art Aficionado

renting decor artwork

Hanging a collection of art—haute and cheap—can immediately give personal style and chic to your place. The white walls often found in a rented space provide a pristine and seemingly-deliberate canvas for your display. If how many holes you hammer is an issue, choose one larger piece, or mix hung framed objects d’art with more casual taped-up pieces, à la casual French studio. Think beyond 2-D art and collect sculpture and masks and other global aesthetics.

#2 – Be a Book Worm

renting decor bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can give the illusion of a built-in structure, and personalizes an entire wall. Giving a room a central point to work from, arrange the furniture and lighting to create a European salon atmosphere, one great for curling up with a book, or chatting with friends into the night.

#3 – Be a Transformer

renting decor kitchen

Choose furniture that can take you from one purpose to the next, smoothly. A long farmhouse kitchen table can become your spanning work space by day. A sidebar can be both toy box and cocktail hour service bar. This photo, from the Hidden Kitchen supper club in Paris, shows how the apartment owners transform the space from a living room to dining room.

#4 – Be a Detail Maniac

renting decor curtains

While you can’t control, say, the hideous carpet in your space, you can cover it with a huge area rug. Or change out the bad ‘80s lighting with a flea-market chandelier. While some things just can’t and shouldn’t be changed in a temporary dwelling, several details such as lighting, door hardware—and covering those mini blinds with gauzy curtains—can be altered to create a space you’re proud to call home. For now.

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