7 Ultra Contemporary Sofas I Would Actually Buy

From on December 08, 2009 in Home Decor

I believe a living room really sets the tone of the home. Sofas are an important way to announce your style. If your current abode is contemporary, luckily, there are tons of sofas available. But if it’s a new aesthetic for you, buy what you like, and then don’t stress. The fun of this style is that it works with almost anything, so you can really let your creativity loose to make it your own. contemporary sofas lefior#1 – The Lefior Sofa - One day I’ll get a leather sofa. This one’s a bit masculine, but in the right room, I think it would be awesome. I like the contrast of the stark steel legs with the soft tufted leather. contemporary sofas balance#2 - The Balance JR-9500 - I have a great love of color, and I personally ignore the dictum that you should get a boring-colored couch in case your taste changes. To me, that would be like selecting a bland husband and then trying to make him interesting post ipso facto. Not gonna happen. contemporary sofas vegas#3 – Vegas Modern Sofa Bed - Hence, one of my own sofas. My guests fight for space on this unique piece. It click-clacks from a sleek couch into a super-comfortable sofa bed. Click again and there’s plenty of room in its storage bin for a set of sheets, blanket and a couple pillows. Give it a ton more style by adding accent pillows. contemporary sofas cindy crawford#4 - This Cindy Crawford Sofa is contemporary but still mainstream. Also available in fashionable espresso, it coordinates well with the rest of the stylish collection. contemporary sofas aruba#5 - The Aruba adds something that’s needed in every living room: the potential for cuddling. Nice and deep, its slightly wrinkled cushions are an invitation to burrow in. Yet the sculpted arms and legs keep it from looking sloppy. contemporary sofas ethan allen#6 - Starting at $1,500, this is a good buy for Ethan Allen. Of course, if you want to choose from their hundreds of fabrics, expect to pay more. The quintessential contemporary sofa. contemporary sofas event#7 - Looking for something contemporary-plus? This unusual pod-like Modern Event Sofa won’t be found in any of your friend’s homes. The traditional color and fabric prevent it from being off-the-wall, while the curve of the arms make it incredibly special.