7 Optical Illusions…in Furniture

From on June 21, 2010 in Home Decor

You gotta love optical illusions. You see something, and yet that something is other than it appears. Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, Inc. has some amazing creations of optical illusion wonder—in furniture. Check out these designs.

#1 - Little Black Dresser

little black dresser

You’ve heard of the little black dress. Check out the little black dresser. Looks the same. Acts very differently. Down to the detail, however, it’s quite an impressive little dresser. Can’t complain about the looks, either. This dress comes in one size only.

#2 - Tear-Away Bench

tear away bench

Building on the tear-away concept, here’s a bench that dares you to sit down. The wood veneer curves up in a shocking rip, revealing the plush black vinyl seating beneath it. Seating space may be limited, but the stares and shock-effect are unending.

#3 - Bad Table

bad table

Pardon the mess, but this table just went on the carpet. Thankfully, the carpet is included, but the stain will never come out and the table leg will never come down. And, um, watch your step.

#4 - Squiddy

squiddy table

Get a table fit for seafood. Whether entertaining, disturbing or just plain hilarious, this table has about 40 legs, a bit more perhaps than the average squid. What’s more, few of the legs actually touch the ground. Thankfully, as long as you put the table on dry ground, it should work fine—not to mention earn some compliments, too.

#5 - Tear-Away Credenza

tear away credenza

It fits a bipolar designer…or an indecisive one…or maybe it’s just plain cool. Light on one side, dark on the other, it’s the perfect emblem of simulated wear and tear.

#6 - Brian

brian dresser

Think accordion. Now think dresser. Now take a look at this crazy piece of furniture. The stability level may be disconcerting, but the functionality is still there. In spite of the kink-in-the-back, crumpled look of this dresser, it works fine.

#7 - Beaver

beaver dresser

Someone’s been chowing on this one, so it seems. It’s a dresser again, a full five feet high, but the center is showing some signs of serious wear—beaver style. Nonetheless, the dresser is sturdy and works great. Fear not the beaver dam.