6 Furniture Finds from the Land of Bohemia

From on May 24, 2010 in Home Decor

For furniture lovers looking for real flair and a vintage feel, you’re going to love what comes next. Furniture like this is made, forgotten, and then rediscovered in a way that leaves you wanting more. Check out these pieces by Nickey Kehoe, each with a story to tell and a design to love.

#1 - Vintage Heywood Wakefield Side Arm Chair

vintage bohemia chair

Apart from the retro design, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this chair was born around 1950. While most of these products feature some nicks, bumps, scrapes and bruises, this piece came out remarkably well. A smooth honey gloss finish and a waxed linen seat cover give you a comfortable and aesthetic piece of furniture.

#2 - Unique Vintage Glass Fly Trap Pendant

vintage bohemia flytrap lights

It’s nothing but glamour about these flytrap pendants. The mini bulbs provide just enough light to illuminate, but not enough to detract from the beauty of the colored glass. Each pendant fixture has its own fabric twisted cord, adjustable to just about any length.

#3 - Rare Early 20th Century English Carved Arm Chair

vintage bohemia arm chair

Let’s talk about thrones for a second. This is nothing short of regal. With the distinct possibility that it once bore a British monarch (OK, maybe not), this chair ages well since it’s around 100 years old. The beautiful carving and plush upholstery may not have been used by a king, but the Rare Early 20th Century Arm Chair is fit for a king.

#4 - Vintage Wicker Rocking Chair

vintage bohemia rocking chair

Wicker is one of those furniture mediums that goes either way. It either looks chintzy and flimsy or sophisticated and attractive. This vintage wicker rocker is the latter. In wicker and solid wood, the chair may hail from the 1950s, but it’s as good as new in terms of quality. The attractive green finish and curvaceous design give this rocker a unique appeal.

#5 - Pair of Steel Swivel Stools

vintage bohemia stools

With 1970s flair but modern appeal, these swivel stools have a deceptively simple design. A sturdy set of seating furniture with its own vintage beauty.

#6 - Vintage Metal Drawers

vintage bohemia drawers

Like the rugged, distressed look? These metal drawers are not only heavy-duty – they’re the real thing. There’s just something about furniture design that uses real rust and true-to-life nicks and dents. It takes a creative designer to place the drawers in just the right setting.