5 MoMa Store Picks for Home Design Lovers

From on September 17, 2010 in Home Decor

moma store design

The MoMA Store has long since offered unique pieces that help art aficionados carry a bit of history and beauty home with them. Like an haute art happy meal. But these five offerings are even fresher, bolder, and more innovative than we give them credit for. And we give them a lot of credit.

moma store bookshelf

As beautiful as this display is, the Bookworm Shelf is a flexible structure that can be redesigned in various shapes, allowing not only for a unique way to store books and displays, but individualized art of itself. Around 20 pounds can be stored between each of the seven bookend supports, making this a structure that’s more than just a pretty face.

moma store coatrack

All that needs to sell this piece is to mention the name Eames. Yes, this Eames Hang-It All Coatrack (1953) exhibits the signature blend of functionality and playful yet sophisticated design. For both children and whimsical adults, it uses the same wire welding techniques as for the Eames chairs and table bases. Fun and loud, this piece is perfect for hanging hats, coats, and shirts that are definitely not stuffed.

moma store glasses

The detailing of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1912 Avery Coolney Playhouse window in Illinois have been transferred to these nostalgic glasses. Available in both tumblers and highballs, a collection of these will make that classy drink even classier. Bottoms up.

moma store ladder

This sleek step ladder can help an avid at-home chef reach the higher cupboards in style. Easy to open and fold, the three-step red-lacquered rubber wood beauty also offers a bar for safety, plus a peg for wall mounting. And mount it you will want to. This piece is an artistic touch when not in use.

moma store clock

Learning to tell time becomes a classy blast with this Activity Clock for only $34. With nine activity cards and three customizable blank cards, your tot will learn while you look on smiling (and no one will judge if you play with it yourself during naptime).