10 Bitchin’ Eco Craft Ideas

From on March 10, 2010 in Home Decor

Eco crafts, as you know, are bitchin’. You take an old, unappreciated household item and give it new life. Your craft won’t recognize itself. You may not even recognize yourself. That’s OK. On with the crafts.

#1 - Salvador Dali Clock


I know you want a little melted Dali in your living room. Inspired by the melting clocks in “Persistence of Memory,” this is a real-life functional wall clock – or a draped-over-couch clock. Or it-doesn’t-even-matter-it’s-so-awesome clock. Ingredients: old clock mechanism, leather, silk and puff paint. Get the tutorial here.


#2 - Super Mario Ottoman!

eco crafts mario rug

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a Super Mario ottoman slipcover stitched together patchwork-style with pieces of vinyl material. This is a genuine nugget of gamer’s gold right here. The only problem is keeping your friends from jumping on it to score those free monies.

eco crafts mario ottoman

#3 - The Electric Umbrella

eco crafts electric umbrella

Why does this gentleman look so good? Because he’s holding an electric umbrella. Made by soldering LED lights onto the spokes and cloth of a regular old umbrella, this piece is especially useful if:

  • Your next Halloween costume is Mary Poppins on acid.
  • You attend more than 12 raves per calendar year.
  • You want to be creepy and illuminated in the park at nighttime.

Whatever, you still look cool.

#4 - Cupcake with Cat Filling


I’ve always poked fun at crazy cat owners, seeing as they’re usually lacking in people skills, but I’ll just come right out and say it: I would give my opposable thumbs to live in a cupcake house. Consider that my formal apology.

#5 - Recycled Book Jacket Headboard

eco crafts bookjacket headboard

Now this is making me tingly. It’s a multicolored headboard made from repurposed hardcover book jackets and a plywood backing. Cool factor: 9,000. Difficulty level: Pretty time-consuming, but obviously worth it in the booty department. Learn how to woo people with your headboard here.

#6 - The Dodecahedron Lamp

eco crafts dodecahedron lamp

What you’re seeing here is an original IKEA hack. One extremely clever fellow with a computer image generating program (and a whole lot of time) created this trippy orb lamp. Basically, he fused together small IKEA lampans ($4.99 apiece) into kickass geometric shapes. He offers tutorials in 6-, 12- or 36-lamp editions. All are bright enough to illuminate several adjacent rooms and piss off your neighbors all night long.

#7 - Snazzy Sweater Boots

eco crafts sweater boots

It’s common knowledge: girls go bananas for slipper boots. But guess what? You don’t have to spend $120 on overrated Uggs. All you need is a pair of old sneaks, a cool thrift store sweater, and basic sewing kit to pull off a pair of boots you can guarantee no one else has. Get the step-by-step instructions for gray booties and Argyle varieties as well.

eco crafts argyle boots

“OMG where did you get your boots?”
“I, like, made them with my hands.”

#8 - Simple Balloon Drums

Fabulous for kids and grown-up clowns alike. This guy takes glass bowls and stretches balloon rubber across their tops, tweaking them for different pitches. They give a surprisingly good resonance.

#9 – Big Pimpin’ Piano Bag

eco crafts piano bag

If you’re good with a needle and thread (or have an extremely generous grandmother), you can custom-design your own tote bags, like this super sweet piano bag. It would also look cool with multicolored keys – get creative! Here’s the tutorial.

eco crafts tote bag

#10 – Boozy Bottle Cap Belt

eco crafts bottle cap belt

Is it Rush season yet? Who cares! Get a head start on the festivities with your very own hand-punched bottle cap belt. You’ll need an awl, hammer and about 12 bottle caps of your choice. All the more reason to run to the 7-11…

eco crafts bottle cap belt

Like ‘em? Love ‘em? Wanna share ‘em? Do it, and then leave me a comment about my fine taste in crafts.