Wildly Creative Live-Work Interiors

From on December 22, 2010 in Home Additions

Who says that a sophisticated space can’t be full of creative energy? From grown-up work corners to teen hang-out pads to kid spaces, people of all ages can express themselves with panache.

But proportion is key, because too much…“expression” can make for a hectic and cluttered space. Stay within strict perimeters and balance the creative noise with quiet space—this is how you can mesh elegance and good design with function.

live work design

With so many professionals working from home these days, living spaces must also play the part of creative think tanks. Innovative college students have demonstrated with crazy-amazing design ideas how a person can live and work and create in the same limited space. It takes some planning, some individuality, and the ability to have plain old fun. And these spaces below are anything but plain.

live work dorm design

Who will ever forget college senior Maximiliam Sinsteden’s made-over dorm room? With no formal design training, he turned his own teensy standard dorm at Drew University in New Jersey into a gallery worthy of any haute space.

live work dorm room design

By infusing individuality and keeping to strictly sectioning the room, this very full space has intense energy without feeling haphazard.

live work dorm room designlive work geometrics design

And this one relies on strict geometrics, which help the room stay understandable to the eye while offering a unique boldness. Keeping to a distinct color palette also helps.

The raw materials and simple design surrounding this wall collage provide the perfect balance of silence and noise.

live work design aesthetics

And in these kinds of creative and multi-purpose settings, things can’t just look pretty. Aesthetics is paired with design and everything has its purpose in addition to its beauty.

Photo Credit: Pomegranate & Patchouli