Tree House, Free House

From on July 12, 2010 in Home Additions

If you’re looking to merge a bit of the outdoors with comfort, freedom and imagination, think tree houses. Yes, perhaps gone are the days of scampering up a tree trunk or sling-shotting rocks at neighbors’ cats. But a tree house is nothing more than a shelter embedded into nature. Whether you want a hideout to enjoy your evening coffee and literature, a writer’s retreat, or a place to actually inhabit, here are some tree houses to inspire you. san francisco tree house This 1,000-square-foot house in the trees of San Francisco was originally designed in 1960 by Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice, Daniel Liebermann. The owners, architect and interior designer all agreed that the renovation should focus on incorporating modern elements into this nature structure. The master bedroom in the rear features an open washing area, and every space opens up to panoramas of the redwoods. Light passes through the house as the day progresses to illuminate various parts and show the space in its true glory. los angeles tree houselos angeles tree house Now this is a tree house for grown-ups. With solar design and climate control, the partially exposed post-and-beam structure allows for floor-to-ceiling openings, and a spanning view of the Los Angeles basin below. See the view from the office above. tree house hideawaytree house writing officeBosworth Hoedemaker, LLC specializes in homes along the West Coast, from Mexico up to the Northwest. Placing value in the building’s relationship to landscape, this firm has designed some amazing spaces. The architect says that this writer’s hut is “part of a larger compound created for a family’s private retreat in the San Juan’s. This client wanted her own private space where she could spend rainy afternoons surrounded by nature to work on her writing.” Photo Credit: DwyerDesign, Standard-LA & BosworthHoedemaker