Think Big. Think Garden Office.

From on June 18, 2010 in Home Additions

garden office

True, there’s nothing better than leisurely summer patio grilling, but don’t limit yourself in the outdoor possibilities that good weather brings. Think larger. Think outdoor work space (and how you can therefore justify an entire summer in your flip-flops and Panama hat).

Greener—and healthier for you, too—changing scenery and surrounding yourself with nature can boost your creativity and mental focus. This idea of what is being called garden offices is even spreading into big corporate cultures, such as this temporary outdoor office in St. James Park, London:

garden office londonTemporary office in St. James Park, London

Whether you work primarily from home, or just want a place in the sun to spread out a project, create for yourself a deliberate outdoor office. Here are some concepts to spark your inspiration.

#1 - Restore an old garden shack.

garden office shed First published in Ideal Home, July 2006

A more permanent establishment than an umbrella over a picnic table, this set-up allows for endurance through different weather and season changes, and also for a more permanent space if you’re finding yourself addicted to working outdoors. Close up shop when you’re done, and return again tomorrow. Outfit the small space with second-hand or self-made furniture. This isn’t your dining room—the point is to enjoy a bit of natural rawness.

#2 - Go sleek and modern with an office pod.

garden office pod A scaled-down prefab concept, this pod can offer wireless internet and connect discreetly to power sources in the house or garage. This structure can be integrated easily into any backyard space, providing a boundary between home and work life, and incorporating the outdoors into your work habits without making you swat at mosquitoes the entire time.

#3 – Eco-sheds = pure awesome.

garden office professional Enjoy streamlined design and professional accommodations in an eco-shed like this (said to be the future of sheds). If you still need the polish of a “real office” to keep up appearances or meet with clients, or just love the sleek aesthetic for yourself, consider a space like this, which offers all of the accommodations of a corporate setting. The need to nod to coworkers on your way to the break room not included.

Photo Credit: Ursi’s Blog, TheDailyGreen, Apartment Therapy, FreshHome, Chief Home Officer