The ‘Sleeping Porch’ Home Addition: Cozying Up to the Outdoors

From on October 18, 2010 in Home Additions

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The Sweetness of Sleeping Porches

We’ve heard those old tales from our parents about how they slept on their grandparents’ screened-in porches. How it became their own world, still part of the household but in a room of their own. Thick quilts piled up to capture the warm heat beneath as frigid air and even snow flurries stirred around them.

Turning an unused or already–beloved porch into an outdoor bedroom doesn’t take much. You want to outfit the space with rustic furniture hearty enough to stand the outdoor extremes—furniture that often can be bought fabulously cheap at consignments stores and fall garage sales.

porch bedroom windows

Home additions like these are becoming more and more common. Find out how much it would cost to add onto your own home with a free project estimate.

porch bedroom fireplace

For permanent sleeping porches worthy of any weather, consider adding canvas shades that can roll down when necessary. This allows for extra room to settle in with that novel and cup of coffee, or in temperate weather, offers the guest an unexpectedly delightful accommodation.

Merging with nature, the porch addition above is protected from elements and set up like an interior bedroom.

porch bedroom bunks

The room above is camp-like and perfect for a young crowd.

Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy, RentHawaiiHome, Frederick + Frederick, & Reverie