The Scotch & Sherlock Holmes Style Bookshelf

From on November 30, 2009 in Home Additions

Yes… yes… yessssss. Some of our more recent posts have my pulse quickening.

sherlock holmes bookshelf

This stylized cutout bookshelf is so appealing because it evokes a traditional library piece, bespeaking leather-bound tomes, Sherlock Holmes and mayhaps a snifter of scotch. But since most of us have long ago hung up our smoking jackets, designer Jaren Goh’s twist on the Baroque gets high marks for a modern reading space. Offered by Singapore-based Munkii, it’s a little bit grandiose, a little bit casual, and completely covetable.

sherlock holmes bookshelfsherlock holmes bookshelfBuilt from 100 percent eco-responsible Medium-Density Fiberboard. Dressed in lurid, piano white finish with matte liver red interiors.

sherlock holmes bookshelf