The 6 Coolest Vases Ever Created. Period.

From on February 11, 2010 in Home Additions

The only problem with the vases shown below is procuring flowers worthy of them.

cool vases tsunami glassworks#1 - These stunners are hand-blown and etched by Eva Milinkovic and Kriston Gene for Tsunami Glassworks.

cool vases baden tri#2 - The origami-like Baden Tri Vase is available in three sizes, from $34.99 to $69. I’d have to have all three – they’re ultra artistic and definitely make a statement.

cool vases daisy#3 – Hand-blown and molded from BIC ballpoint pens, the Daisy Vase will have your friends astonished at its seeming defiance of gravity. $22.

cool vases leaf#4 - These… are… fabulous. Funky, flat ceramic Leaf Vases also come in three sizes, $79.20-$199.20. In my humble opinion, they belong together, and since they absolutely serve as artwork, the trio is worth the splurge.

cool vases dubai#5 - This too-cool Dubai Vase Set is manufactured by Sitcom and comes in your choice of orange or brown for $139, or sandy beige for $119.

cool vases nature willow#6 - Also by Sitcom is the Nature Willow Low Vase, $79. A sophisticated choice.

It’s so easy these days to go to a chain home decorating store and pick out the same shape vase in any color under the sun. These refreshing shapes at surprisingly affordable prices mean you don’t have to settle for the ordinary.