Sensational Conversion Ideas for the Frumpy Old Attic

From on July 30, 2009 in Home Additions

The attic is the last frontier. Most people tap into that space because they can’t build out or they don’t have a basement. But attics are a fun place to create an additional room. Even a small attic has lots of possibilities. So, what are they? How about converting your attic into a giant lush closet, a bathroom or guest room? Find out what different projects would cost for your own home by clicking here.

Bathroom ideas

I love the use of space in this cottage attic - a gorgeous bathroom full of light. By adding windows, light colored tile and soft hues on the walls, as well as wainscoting, this bathroom blends with the architectural style of the cottage and gives these homeowners a cozy retreat:

This bathroom is very cozy with its white tile and pale blue walls. The owners added a fan dormer window over the shower for light and venting.

Entertainment rooms

These homeowners were incredibly creative. By taking advantage of this additional space, they made a cozy entertainment room and opened the area up by adding skylights and a sliding glass door.


A lot of thought & talent went into this one. They managed to squeeze in a pool table, game table, built-in window seats with pull-out drawers, mini bar with Brazilian slate countertop, plenty of built-in storage and a playhouse for the kids. They also made a vignette for a sofa and big screen TV. The rich hardwood flooring, gorgeous over-head lighting and wainscoting make it seem like it’s been that way forever:



This attic conversion was done with impeccable taste. 3 different rooms were created from previously unused space. The office is brightly lit with the use of a gable window and decorative round window. The new bedroom features a fireplace and luxurious bathroom. And the homeowners removed a section of the attic floor - it now opens up over an existing bedroom to create an amazing loft area.


Remember, before converting your attic into living space, talk to your contractor to make sure the floor joists can handle the weight.

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