Private Underground Wine Cellars

From on November 10, 2009 in Home Additions

According to Spiral Cellars, if I usually keep a few dozen bottles of wine around the house, and if I like to keep some of them for months before drinking them, I “need a Spiral Cellar.” Ergo, it seems my humble kitchen should now be outfitted with a nifty trap door. underground wine cellar living roomunderground wine cellar door Unfortunately, however, accessing my collection would then require descending into my landlord’s bedroom. Ah, one can dream. According to Spiral Cellars, their “watertight, pre-cast cylindrical system” is the “quickest, cheapest and easiest way of building a wine cellar for your house.” underground wine cellar design But maybe your circumstances are different. Should you have a severe case of oenophilia and have the means to cure it (i.e. drinking lots and lots of amazing Bordeaux), Spiral Cellars has a bevy of options for your beverage of choice. You’ll also be happy to know that this product depends upon natural insulation in your underground cavern-tavern, so once it’s in, it’s ready. underground wine cellar glass door I can’t deny the appeal of being able to own such a stunning and unique underground wine cellar, but after much deliberation and discussion with my landlord, he suggested I buy my own house. Thanks, Einstein. Photo Credits: Core77 & Dornob