One Family’s Ultimate Basement Transformation

From on January 25, 2010 in Home Additions

basement remodel

Before the basement redo, Stephen and Kristen Fealy were scratching their heads over what to do with their dull, four-walled basement with low ceilings and no natural light. Tired of the old sub-terranean dungeon, they decided it was time to check out affordable options to renovate the area into a useful addition to their home.

Interior designer David Harris, a partner at children’s furnishings company, Ducduc, helped out with 5 suggestions to transform the space into a play place haven.

#1 - Break Up the Space

basement remodel

To undo the basement’s status as “toy graveyard,” Harris divided the boxlike room into play, work and lounging areas. Adding bright oranges and blues helped to atone for the lack of natural light. Fun additions include a play table with a paper roll and crayons and art easels for painting.

#2 - Make it Fun for All

basement remodel tv room

Stephen and Kristen admitted to spending as much time downstairs as up. The TV & reading corner is a hit with the entire family.

#3 - Look Into the Future

basement remodel tables

The room will be equally functional in the coming years as well. The chairs are height-adjustable, and future homework spaces are play spaces for today, since the family’s twins are pre-school-aged and the oldest is just in kindergarten. Chalk- and corkboards are great to display photos and artwork.

#4 - Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

basement remodel stairway

The stairwell holds the coolest wallpaper ever! It features preprinted picture frames to make an ascending collage of the family’s memories.

#5 - Some Privacy, Please!

basement remodel privacy curtain

Remember when you were young and daydreamed of a tree house, playhouse or clubhouse like Spanky and the Gang’s? Well, kids haven’t changed so much, and nooks and crannies are still fun places to hideaway and play in. You may want to consider one for the adults, too.