Modern with a Side of Ranch

From on March 04, 2010 in Home Additions

modern ranch home before remodel

Ho-hum. Another ranch house from the ‘50s. Simple, good enough, and spacious.

modern ranch home addition

Not if Hufft Projects of Kansas City, Missouri, and owners Courtney and Andrew Bash have anything to say about it. Look what they’ve done to improve what they already had! The team added a second level, replaced the drab colors with complementary, uplifting ones, enlarged and updated the windows, and invented a totally different style. For starters.

modern ranch home remodel

I love that the Bashes didn’t just add a flat upper level. The blocky style adds dimension with tons of character. The details, like the white trim and shutters, the enormous view they created for the upstairs, and extending the new cedar on top to form a stunning entranceway below, keep the original simplicity of the house, yet add function and flair for the modern family.

modern ranch home dividermodern ranch home living room

The couple added two bedrooms and a play area for their children on the second story, as well as a master suite just for themselves on the lower floor.

modern ranch home kitchenmodern ranch home diningmodern ranch home fireplace

Inside, walls were knocked down to open the space, allowing the living, dining and cooking areas to flow into each other.

modern ranch home windows

Hufft did a fantastic job of building onto an existing house and providing the family with a truly livable and attractive home.