London’s Burning! Beautiful Cityscape Fire Screens

From on November 18, 2009 in Home Additions

cityscapes firescreen rome

Fires inspired these fireshields and their beauty while offering defense from that which ensued. So it went with the Great Fire of London that began one September evening in 1666 in a small bakeshop on Pudding Lane. The fire was finally stopped at the barren spot left by the fire of 1633. The reversal in destiny - fire containing fire - illustrates the providence also in the artwork of these cityscape screens.

cityscapes firescreen london

The fires of London and Rome stirred the beginnings of this design series by BBM. When fire dances behind the laser-cut COR-TEN steel, the scenes from centuries ago are reenacted, but this time with beauty rather than fear. The shadows through the fireshield and the reactive steel to the heat are as ambiguous as the flames.

cityscapes firescreen london

Durable and long-lasting COR-TEN oxidizes over its life span and turns from black to shades resembling the orange blazes. This natural process provides protection for the un-oxidized steel beneath its surface. And the fireshield goes on.

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