Home Addition Costs and Investment: How to Compare Projects

From on October 13, 2010 in Home Additions

A home addition takes planning and information. Sometimes the seemingly small projects requiring much detail and forethought can be the biggest to take on. Here are some hints to help you make headway and keep homeowner headaches at bay. After all, an addition is the largest home renovation you can make. home addition costs When you’re ready get your free home addition estimates and compare bids from multiple contractors.

Cost Information for Your Home Addition

Before talking with a professional, you want to prepare by understanding cost information. Check out the return on investment for all home additions, and make sure that yours is worth the cost.

For example, if you’re considering a two-story addition for 68.6% ROI, you might want to think twice—a deck addition (huge trend right now) will bring back a whopping 80.6% of that investment instead. Get an idea of how much your project will cost, and then grab your free CalFinder cost estimates to see exactly how much the addition will boost your home’s value.

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Also consider your role in the process. While you may be adding onto an old house, the addition will be entirely yours, which means that you may put in as much effort and creative energy with your team as you would to build an entirely new small home.

Understanding the importance of matching the addition to the existing dwelling, put on your thinking cap and have fun.

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