Bet You’ve Never Seen a Cottage Like This Before!

From on February 22, 2010 in Home Additions

cottage remodel firepit

On a street of small cottages, these homeowners wanted extra space without overwhelming the neighborhood. Their nearly 3,500-square foot plan was large enough to accommodate the family-to-be, as well as hobbies and entertaining. The build-out proved that space doesn’t have to equal monstrosity. Instead, the addition reflects their personalities and blends perfectly with the surrounding layouts.

cottage remodel dining room

The homeowners, a photographer and naturalist, bring their talents to the table, literally. Floral design and unique lighting over the dining table showcase the couple’s overall style—natural and distinctive.

cottage remodel kitchenIn the kitchen, straightforward cabinets, counter space and stainless steel leave everything to your imagination. Singly, the red tea kettle adds a pop of color. Even stark-white bar stools are left unadorned except for their atypical frame.

cottage remodel addition

Out of doors, the lot features a detached woodshop. The exterior is covered by a traditional gabled roof with a half butterfly roof over the living space. Clapboard siding alongside custom-milled rainscreen siding wrap the outside. Sunlight playing on the outer surfaces floods through the windows, making the home ideal for its art- and nature-loving owners.