Backyard Offices: Awesome or a Tad Unnecessary?

From on April 13, 2010 in Home Additions

The normal 40-hour workweek is usually associated with early-morning commutes and late-afternoon gridlock. So, is having an office just outside our backdoors the solution to the dread we deal with every Monday? Or is it simply a design eyesore better left un-built? I’m leaning towards the latter. backyard office workpodThe WorkPod by EcoScape may fit well with the surrounding homes, but it looks more like a sauna than a functional workspace. It also makes me wonder, is there really a use for a structure completely disconnected from the main house? Wouldn’t windows have the same effect? backyard office archipod The Archipod, on the other hand, would be better suited for an episode of The Jetson’s than a permanent fixture in the back of this seemingly normal home. Surprisingly, however, dmvA’s Blob VB3 appears even more out of touch with reality… backyard office blob And the inside doesn’t seem to bring the desired level of comfort that is supposed to come from stepping outside the traditional work setting. backyard office space Perhaps not all backyard workspaces are tacky. Case in point: Piet Hein Eek designed this recording studio that truly meshes well with its surroundings. It could definitely be considered a creative retreat. backyard office recording Despite the fact that we’re ending on a good note, I would be hard pressed to find a really good reason to install an outdoor office. What do you think? Are backyards better suited for play than work?