A Garage Fit for a Maserati

From on October 03, 2009 in Home Additions

Italian sports car giant Maserati recently held a contest for auto-enthusiast architects across the globe. The Design Driven Competition objective is rather simple: “To create a space that is as much a shrine to the cars as a place to protect them from the elements.” Thus, the garage fit for a Maserati was born. The winner, Holger Schubert from Los Angeles, CA, planned his garage with true passion for Maseratis. His goal? To “honor this car as a piece of art.” Through a 1,200-square-foot minimalist design, he surrounded the car with a living area complete with skylight, contemporary furniture, small kitchen, bathroom and a slide-away TV. It’s all about the experience of pulling a Maserati into the garage. And then walking five feet to plop down in front of the flat screen. Men do love their lives. maserati garage living room Holger went one step further and built a ramp inside the garage. It lifts the front end of the car 6 inches so that he can roll out in reverse without pumping fumes into the space. maserati garage lift Click here to check out the lift in action. maserati garage tent Here are a few other designs that, wondrous as they may be, did not make the final cut. maserati garage bridgemaserati garage batmobile Forget Maserati –this one’s fit for the BatMobile. maserati garage green And this design incorporates solar power into the design. These panels could produce more than the family’s share of home energy. Plus, there’s grass on the roof.