6 Magical Indoor & Outdoor Teepees

From on January 22, 2010 in Home Additions

Picture this: You’re sitting cross-legged reading Peter Pan in your new beautiful white-canvas teepee, a home-within-a-home where no one can disturb you. Outsiders wouldn’t even know where to knock. Maybe it’s just me, but I think everyone should own a teepee. If not for the fantastic notion of an anywhere-tent, then at least for the fact that everyone will want to come to your parties! teepee santa fe #1 - At 26 feet high and 22 feet wide, this homemade teepee is spacious enough for a whole family. The architect and builder was a Santa Fe man with a Canadian Blackfoot heritage. teepee hearthsong #2 - Teepees don’t have to be outside… or even very big. This natural canvas replica from HearthSong is appropriate for the dining room of this Manhattan apartment. teepee reliable #3 – You can buy a more durable teepee for the backyard and sleep outside when the mood strikes. This one is from Reliable Tent & Tipi. teepee children #4 - Fact: kids love teepees. They’re a way to escape from reality—something all kids should be able to do—and have a cool spot to call their own. Hearthsong provides teepees that fit this purpose perfectly. teepee indoor #5 - This model fits with a classic and traditional design style. Since most teepees allow filtered light and an exclusive ambience, they work beautifully as a reading nook. teepee moozlehome #6 - Moozlehome designs teepees with a bit of flair. These inspiring children’s teepees come with unique floral designs and custom features. Now let’s buy a teepee!