5 Classic, Unforgettable Sunrooms

From on March 25, 2009 in Home Additions

Sunrooms are a great way to invite warmth and light into your home. They are an extension of your living space, similar to having a patio, only indoors so that you can enjoy it no matter the weather. While they’re mostly glass in structure, there are a wide array of designs and uses your sunroom can have. As an added bonus, adding a sunroom to your home can cost less than building a traditional addition. conservatorysunroom.jpg It always amazes me how people can take a simple idea like building a glass room and make so many variations on that same premise to come up with an astounding number of stylish choices. One of my favorite designs for a sunroom is the conservatory style, which has many angled glass sides and a conic glass roof. It’s very Southern classic, in my view, and creates a unique and elegant look. There’s no limit to the functions that can take place in a room like this, especially since you can capture the sun all day long and get a great view of the constellations at night. The double-pitched sunroom always reminds me of a greenhouse, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I have a sort-of obsession about plants and often find myself growing a jungle in my home. The double-pitched sunroom is like the conservatory in that the roof, like the walls, are primarily glass, giving you more direct sunlight during the daytime. These sunrooms are usually square or rectangular in shape - very simple and classic looking. Another impressive addition is the patio room, which is basically a sunroom, only it’s made to look more like any other part of your home from the outside, just with more glass. You can use this room in pretty much anyway, but they make awesome Jacuzzi rooms, home offices, and relaxation chambers. curtain2.jpgOK, now this is something new to me, but it looks so wonderful and unique that I wanted to show you, too. They are called glass curtain walls. Basically you replace one wall in your home with a glass curtain, so that you gain natural light during the day and add a world of class to the look of your home’s exterior. The roof atop will remain your regular roof, like over the rest of your home, and luckily they make these with self-cleaning glass so that you get a clear view all year round with very little maintenance. (If you’re clicking over to this site, definitely think of me when you look at that curved glass curtain on the house in the snowy mountains - wonder how many articles I’d have to write to get me one of those!) Lastly, although not a sunroom style in itself, polycarbonate sheet is a material that can be used in the building of sunrooms. It can be used for any glass structure and is highly durable - virtually unbreakable and impact resistant. This is great if you live in a golf course community, have kids or even a rowdy newspaper boy. Polycarbonate can be formed in arches or curves or angles and comes in a few different colors depending on the amount of direct sunlight you want to penetrate into your sunroom.