3 Multipurpose (and Just Plain Cool) Garages

From on July 09, 2010 in Home Additions

Though the word garage might conjure up words like “axel” and “pops,” and images of 1950s grease-stained jumpsuits, garages have come to mean a multiplicity of things, and have countless uses. From extra bedrooms to paint studios, domestic garages have long been converted to fit individual needs that have nothing to do with cars. multipurpose garage glass door But what about the garages that retain their original purpose while offering something more? Here are three examples of garages that go beyond tradition—and with the panache of, say, a revved-up 458 Italia Ferrari.

#1 – Sunny Home Gym

multipurpose garage doors

While this beautifully modern garage can easily accommodate three cars, the glass doors rise directly upward, and materials from along the walls find their place on the smooth floor to create an open and sunny home gym.

#2 – Art, Cars & Beauty

multipurpose garage red paint

This garage owner clearly loves beauty—manifested not only in his three cars, but in the choice to go beyond garage neutrals and paint the interior fire-engine red. A bold canvas for the photos and artwork lining the walls. This isn’t just a place to store a car—this is a private world to retreat to.

#3 – Quaint Little Guest Quarters

multipurpose garage school

Making great use of space by building up, garages like this can also accommodate guests in the quarters above. Integrating everything into this traditional building creates a streamlined look, and more room to roam around outside. Even the doors with their barn-door look pay homage to the building’s hints of old America schools and churches.

Photo Credit: EisnerDesign, AllAmericanDesign&Furnishings & KevinQuinlanArchitect