10 Extras that Make the Sunroom Sweet

From on June 12, 2009 in Home Additions

lancaster.jpgPhoto credit: Lancaster Home Remodeling

The sunroom by itself is a fantastic addition to the home; throw in a few extras and now you really have a sweet room. First, is it a multipurpose room or strictly one dimensional?

If the room is built around a spa or pool, it should be treated as you would your bathroom. That means stocking it with nice soft rugs, aroma scented candles, racks for extra towels, and hooks for bathrobes.

Sunrooms are also great places to keep greenhouse plants and some of your favorite art. If the sunroom is a multipurpose room, try including some of the following items to complete your sunroom décor.

  1. Rustic wood beams on the sunroom ceiling. They’ll blend in nicely with wicker furniture and vintage tables.
  2. An oak table with a leaf insert. The perfect centerpiece for holidays and special occasions.
  3. Matching cabinets for storage of glassware, kitchen items, and family games. This way, breaking out the good china for dinner parties can be done in a snap.
  4. sunroomoutdoors.jpg
  5. Geraniums and other tender plants. The sunroom is the perfect holding area for the winter.
  6. What sunroom doesn’t have its own music system? The acoustics are excellent and it provides a great way to relax. Read a book or the newspaper, while listening to your favorite music.
  7. The right paint or wallpaper can make the sunroom appear bigger than it really is. Painting with lighter colors opens up the sunroom’s appearance. Also try to have clear path exits to the door. Sometimes smaller sunrooms get cluttered with big furniture.
  8. If you have enough space, adding a nice couch to this room is the perfect match. Taking an afternoon snooze with the sunroom windows wide open and little breeze blowing through, there’s nothing better.
  9. Having nice rugs under your furniture helps reduce noise and ties the room together. Other accessories like wall hangings and mosaics add charm to the room.
  10. What about exercise equipment that can be folded up and placed out of the way? A great way to get more out this room.
  11. An aquarium. It will defuse the natural light that comes into the room; plus, it provides an attractive feature for both kids and adults.

Photo credit: Lancaster Home Remodeling