Year of the Green: My Favorite CalFinder Blogs of 2008

From on January 20, 2009 in Green Remodeling

Home remodeling is a broad subject, of which we here at CalFinder attempt to run the gamut. That requires a lot of blogs with a wide range of tools and tips, product profiles, innovations, news, and more. So trying to find a few favorite blogs to review that in some way could represent an entire year of remodeling was no small task. But if there is one trend that defines modern remodeling and inspires homeowners to go for it in such dark economic times, it is green remodeling. Not only are green building materials becoming more cost competitive with conventional means, they also bring remodeling choices beyond simply money or convenience and into the realm of community consciousness. Therefore my favorite blogs of 2008 all deal with the rise of green products, materials, and issues that make remodels more than just an investment in home equity, but an investment in energy efficiency, personal satisfaction and a healthy environment. Following are five blogs which I hand selected as representative of my own favorite reading and writing as part of the CalFinder team. And I can find nothing more fascinating and, honestly, comforting in the year past as green remodeling…

  1. Cork FlooringCork Floors, Demystified

    This post introduced cork flooring, an excellent addition to home flooring options. Cork has several advantages:

    • It is made only from the bark of the tree, leaving the tree intact so that it can continue to grow, regenerate, and produce more flooring
    • Cork is very porous, making it an excellent shock and sound absorber
    • Read Cork Floors, Demystified for even more information and consider making cork flooring a part of your new year as well.
  2. Stay Warm, Stay Fresh, Save Money: Heat Recovery Ventilators

    HRVs are just too useful and cost effective to ignore. In the age of the airtight home, circulating fresh air is vital. HRVs ventilate the home and recycle the heat that is usually lost in outgoing air as part of the HVAC system. Heat recover ventilators can save up to 80% of otherwise lost heat, resulting in big time savings on heating and cooling costs.

    heat recovery ventilator

  3. Greenwashing: How Going Green Can Take a Bad Turn

    is important guiding consumers toward truly green products. The Green craze has inspired some companies and manufacturers to take advantage by selling falsely green products. This necessary and informative post will help you sift through the posers on hardware and grocery shelves. It gives clues for recognizing misleading labels and truly green products.

  4. On A Scale of One to Green: How to Rate Your Home’s Efficiency Level.

    Energy Guide Label The title speaks for itself. If you want to move your home into a position of eco-friendliness, efficiency, and cost savings, then this post by our esteemed editor is a fine place to start. Discover how to recognize the green nature of your home and in doing so learn how to make it greener.

  5. Natural, Low-VOC and No-VOC: Three Healthy Paint Options.

    Painting is our favorite DIY home project. In recent years however, we’ve discovered that traditional paints are harmful to the environment and indoor air quality due to off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC). That, in turn, makes these paints harmful to us over time. Fortunately, there are now several accessible and increasingly more affordable paint options promote a health life and environment. This post will serve as your base of understanding of eco-friendly paints, check it out.

These are five of my favorite green blogs of 2008, but they may not be yours. Thankfully they are just five among many, so check out our Green Remodeling section to discover the wealth of green choices you can make.

2008 was a year for discovering new green design and products, let 2009 be the year for implementing out new green knowledge. Contact local contractors today and ask how you can put a green face on your remodel.