Why Pellet Stoves are Hot

From on January 10, 2008 in Green Remodeling

One of the most appealing qualities about the pellet stove is that it’s evolved with the times while maintaining the traditional, homey comfort of a wood burning stove. Traditional wood burning stoves and fireplaces have a lot of character, but they also emit hundreds of pollutants into the air. With pellet stoves, you can still grow nostalgic from the smell of burning wood, knowing at the same time that you’re warming your toes with clean heat. pellet stovesThe U.S. EPA recommends all traditional fireplaces be replaced with non-wood burning stoves, pellet stoves, or EPA certified wood stoves. Pellet stoves pollute even less than EPA certified wood stoves, as well as any other heating appliance that requires solid fuel. Stand-out efficiency is one reason why pellet stoves have become a more popular heating option in the last 10 years. Another reason is good looks. Similar in appearance to wood burning stoves, pellet stoves retain the timeless quality of bygone days and an inexplicable connection with cozy nights in a remote cabin. Modern homeowners, however, are satisfied with trendier variations of the pellet, such as the Rika model coming out of Europe, still recognizable in a contemporary disguise. The Shimotani model of Japan comes in bright, bold colors, but looks too closely related to a washing machine. There are also zen-like, Panorama pellet stoves, the rustic Lopi Leyden pellet, and ultimately, an endless array of new styles to make any homeowner happy. Shimotani pellet stove Environmentally-conscious homeowners have reason to be just as pleased. With proper installation and maintenance, the pellet has little adverse affect on indoor air quality. Smoke from the pellet comes out clear, and is conveniently vented to the outdoors through a pipe versus a chimney. The wood pellets that power the appliance stem from waste chips and recycled sawdust rather than trees, and burning them doesn’t contribute to global warming. In addition, pellet stove heat reaches all the way to the second floor and can eliminate the need to turn on your central heating system. It’s easy to see why pellets are all the rage. Keep in mind that corn pellets are not always easy to find. Also consider: pellet stoves require plugging in to an electrical outlet, which means that traditional coal and natural gas emissions are still part of the package. Links: