Who Knew DIY Wood Pallets Could Look this Cool?

From on April 16, 2010 in Green Remodeling

Wouldn’t you agree that the best home accessories are those that come free of charge? If your budget is tighter than tight, perhaps you should start looking for ways to turn those dumpster-doomed items into one-of-a-kind treasures. You can begin with these fabulous DIY ideas for wood pallets. Don’t have any? Just visit your local tile retailer. wood pallet shoe rack If you’re anything like me, you have a trillion pairs of shoes to find homes for. This wooden pallet magically became a shoe stand just by standing it upright. Creative and extremely simple, too. wood pallet backyard Or bring the wood pallets back into the outdoors with these DIY garden projects from Garden Evolution. They can house plants, supplies or even act as a garden gate. wood pallet dish rack It’s not unusual to have a special bond with your dishes – so special, in fact, that you fashion a display shelf just to show them off. I love this idea for pallet dish shelves, especially in kitchens that already have a rustic-country feel. wood pallet bookshelf The idea for this whimsical pallet shelf was thought up by designer Claire Terry from New Zealand’s Madame Fancy Pants. With a little bit of planning, minor reconstruction, and an eye for what works in your room, you could build your own free pallet shelf. wood pallet sled And if you have some pallets left over after your DIY adventures, turn them into a sled for next winter season. It’ll require more tools than the other projects, but you’ll forget all about it when you’re whipping down the sledding hill faster than your own kids!

Got anymore ideas for DIY pallet projects? Share with us below!