Who Knew Cardboard Could Look This Good?

From on February 02, 2010 in Green Remodeling

Cardboard: it’s not just for shipping your eBay items anymore! Now people are recycling all sorts of materials, like corrugated cardboard boxes, and finding cool new uses for them. Not only are we saving landfills and our environment, but we’re seeing some awesome new inventions – ideas that wouldn’t have been conceived otherwise. cardboard furniture remodel Designer/innovator Jason Schneider creates cardboard furniture that, at first glance, appears to be solid wood construction. But look a little closer, and you can see the layers of wavy corrugated cardboard. cardboard furniture remodel Although I’ve seen cardboard furniture before, never have I seen such functional and attractive pieces before. Schneider uses the contrast between light and dark to make his pieces even more visually intriguing. cardboard furniture remodeling What’s even more attractive is the way he’s shaped the pieces in his collection. Most pieces are rounded, elliptical or oblong – very stylish and free-flowing. cardboard furniture green remodeling You’ve probably noticed that parts of the furniture are painted. Schneider uses 100-percent all-natural milk paint to achieve this effect. cardboard furniture wood remodeling Looking back on his earlier work, it’s easy to see the transition Schneider made to the cardboard pieces he’s making today. Prior to this, his collection consisted mostly of wooden innovations, but they have the same unique hallmarks that are distinct in his more current works.