Green Wednesday: The Green Exchange

From on November 12, 2008 in Green Remodeling

Green exchange

Many of us are becoming much more eco-friendly and health conscious, and we try to incorporate green living into our lifestyles as much as possible. While on the lookout for new green products and methods, wouldn’t it be nice if we could go to one central location to find exactly what we’re looking for?

That is exactly what the Baum Development Company is hoping to create. Recently, they completed renovation on a 272,000 square foot historical building in Chicago, in which they intend to house over 100 businesses devoted to creating and producing progressive environmentally-advantageous products. Essentially, this will be your one-stop location for everything new and green. In addition to being a market resource, the owners hope to turn the building, dubbed The Green Exchange, into a world networking center for business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only is this company capitalizing on a growing industry, but they are also facilitating the growth of the green movement. Their dream is to bring green awareness and lifestyles from a passing trend to mainstream living.

If you live and work in the Chicago area, there are many resources offered by the Green Exchange that you and your business are sure to benefit from. Elsewhere, you can tap into their long-distance information, as well as the manufacturers that market their goods outside of the Chicago area. Learn more about how this resource can benefit you through their web site.