The Beauty of Rediscovered Wood Doors

From on September 22, 2009 in Green Remodeling

From these old barns…

rediscovered wood doors old barnTo this new-to-you old door:

rediscovered wood door

Rediscovered wood doors are the green alternative to recently harvested timber. Reclaimed from the wood of old barns, mills and fences that are headed for landfills, these charming old doors show off their age and character. Care is taken to remove and restore each board from structures that could not be saved themselves. This isn’t demolition – it’s dignified rebuilding. The salvaged wood is recovered, planed and made into doors that transcend usual sizes and styles. Custom-made, each door can be as unique as your own taste.

They’re beautiful from the inside out. As a responsible use of resources, the antique wood counters the uncontrolled logging currently destroying natural habitats, disrupting carbon and water cycles in forests, and spending a great deal of energy to harvest virgin lumber.

rediscovered wood doorsReclaimed doors are assembled from strong, dry materials that will not warp and swell from moisture. The thick panels are held together with wood dowels and glues that are less harmful to humans and their surroundings. Thicker, wider and deeper mortise and tenon construction, a practice of woodworking from thousands of years ago, is put into operation. The doors’ finishes are layered to protect the wood while still showing off its fine grain.

rediscovered wooden doors

Amazingly, the interiors are so solid that they can be trimmed and planed without sacrificing smoothness around the edges. In fact, scratches and cuts only add to their natural look. And of course, they’re American-built the first time around, American-reclaimed and now American-made once more.

Learn more about Rediscovered Doors at their website: Reclaimed Lumber Products

Image Credits: Reclaimed Lumber Products