Ten Innovative Home Ideas from Around the Web

From on December 05, 2007 in Green Remodeling

Today, we’ve gathered information on 10 fun and innovative products from around the web that are also handy around the home. From a comfortable chair for sitting and lounging to a device that measures solar access in any given area, these products are functional and eco-friendly as well.

  1. Forget the dishwasher and the dish rack, Cuelgame dishes by Ballve & Vinyamata are designed with a unique, built-in swivel design that enables you to dry them on clotheslines, cabinet pulls, and anywhere else you might deem appropriate. hanging dishes
  2. How much electricity is your home using right now? When attached to your fuse box, a tiny device called Wattson by DIY KYOTO can answer that question anytime you want.
  3. Is your child’s environment good for the environment? Greenplay products, such as activity tables, benches, and shelves, are all made from recyclable, renewable, low-impact materials.
  4. A cardboard chair, chair777 by diefabrik, looks like a pretzel but feels comfortable enough for you to twist every which way in it.
  5. Wood is good, and now there are wooden faucets, too, from Omax.
  6. While we’re on the subject of wood, how about Swedx’s wooden TV?
  7. This bamboo dining table by Maria Yee has simple lines, elegance, and is made from renewable bamboo and adhesives without harmful chemicals.
  8. Warm tea and goodies on the radiator using a Natural Wave ceramic plate by Byung-seok You.
  9. Want to improve your indoor air quality? This Mini Mobile Greenhouse air filter by Mathieu Lehanneur is a mini greenhouse that holds polluted air in a humid little hub.
  10. Get help deciding where to mount your PV system or design the greenhouse extension with a handheld Solmetric SunEye that tells you how much solar access you have in any given area.


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