Taking in-Home Gardening to a New Level

From on November 19, 2009 in Green Remodeling

in home gardening wall

I love these little pieces of art called Green Pockets. Artist Maruja Fuentes designed these ingenious interlocking wall planters to be hung in multiples and filled by your own creativity.

Fuentes studied environmental design in Puerto Rico, architecture in Washington, D.C., and furniture and textile design in Savannah. Her well-rounded experience and obvious natural talents and imagination imbue her whimsical eco-friendly creations. Made of recycled materials and filled with oxygen-improving plants, Green Pockets are about as green as you can get.

in-home gardening backsplash

Combined with matching flat tiles, the Green Pockets can be organized in any pattern “to the wall to create the illusion as if they were actually growing from them,” says Fuentes.

These would work well either in a gallery space on contrasting walls as in the top photo, or as a simple, natural touch to a home environment, shown below. Fuentes seems to have sparked my own creativity. As an avid home cook, I would love these as a backsplash into which I could plant my own dried herbs!

in-home gardening tile backsplash

Fuentes’s other designs include drinking glasses and a “flower-pod” seating/table system, as well as other interesting objects of both form and function. She widely exhibits her work and has been featured often in the media.

Photo Credits: Inhabitat & MocoLoco