Serious Materials: Green Construction Products

From on July 23, 2009 in Green Remodeling


Here’s a company that’s serious about helping you save energy and improve comfort. Serious Materials develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that reduce the impact of the ‘built environment’ on the climate. According to Serious Materials, “The ‘built environment’ is responsible for 52% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide—which compares to only 9% for cars and light trucks.”

Some examples of their energy conserving products include:

  • Serious Windows high-performance insulated windows and glass that can reduce heating and cooling energy costs and emissions up to 40%.
  • QuietRock soundproof drywall. The company claims that a single sheet of QuietRock is equivalent, acoustically, to eight sheets of standard drywall.
  • EcoRock, a green alternative to standard gypsum drywall. It’s made using 80% post-industrial recycled waste. It’s also said to outperform other mold resistant drywall by 50%.

Serious Materials takes a strong stand on educating consumers and there’s extensive focus on the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on the company’s website. Educational material on their website talks about “the large opportunity for saving energy and taxpayer dollars that has been created by the ARRA for your community. For the ARRA to be successful, we need to interpret what has actually been passed and what funds are available.” And you can link to a video clip of President Obama commending Serious Materials for its efforts.

ecorock-web.jpgSerious Materials has as its goal to save one billion tons of greenhouse emissions per year. Considering that the world today produces over 30 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, this is a serious commitment for a company to make. It’s no wonder, then, that there is such a strong tie-in to government, educating the public, and all the focus on various green awards, labels, and technologies. Serious Materials’ approach might seem overwhelming to the consumer who is simply shopping for green building materials. But it does make a strong impression.

To bring the larger company goals down to what’s relevant for you and your home, a visit to the photo gallery gives you examples of Serious Windows in a variety of styles.

There are no prices or shopping carts on this company website, so purchasing their products directly does not seem to be a consumer option at this point. You can learn more by submitting an e-form describing your product interest and asking questions, and you’re encouraged to do so if you’d like to be contacted by the company.