Self-Sustaining House with Slide, Climbing Wall & Indoor Pool

From on February 26, 2010 in Green Remodeling

sustainable house stair slide

Most kids would give up their prized LEGO collection for a slide, pool and climbing wall in their house. Luckily for Ro and Kit, their dad, architect Alex Michaelis, believes that they can have it all without sacrificing great design (or custom-designed LEGO UFOs).

sustainable house climbing wallsustainable house pool

Taking his kids’ outlandish ideas into consideration with a seriousness most parents couldn’t muster, Alex designed a staircase with an adjacent slide. The best part? The slide’s limestone mirrors the staircase while providing a fun alternative for those who just don’t see the point of steps.

sustainable house furniture

And of course, what better way to provide ample seating for little rugrats than a massive bean bag chair? This living room staple allows them to sit together while the adults enjoy the normalcy of a leather couch. If sitting isn’t on the schedule, then the entire Michaelis gang can play a game of foosball – another extra thought up by the kids.

sustainable house natural lightsustainable house dining room

While everyone had a voice in building this family-friendly abode, Alex made sure that the environment had a say as well. He allowed for ample light to pour through the house by using skylights and large windows.

sustainable house green roof

In addition, Sedum, a plant that has water-storing leaves, was planted on the roof to provide natural insulation, filter carbon dioxide, and decrease water runoff.

sustainable house outside

With a design this whimsical and kid-friendly, who wouldn’t be excited?