Reclaim the Beauty of Salvaged Wood Products

From on January 30, 2008 in Green Remodeling

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, every 3 square feet of lumber saved from an older structure can become 1 square foot of a new residence. More so in recent decades, reclaimed or salvaged lumber coming from old barns, warehouses, or factories is finding a second life on residential floors, as furniture, or through other architectural details. The beauty is that while diverting construction debris from landfills and helping to preserve trees, salvaged wood is also characterized by a unique appearance and physical strength and durability. Here’s a quick listing of companies that offer salvaged wood products: CitiLogCitiLog In addition to offering a wide selection of Smartwood Rediscovered Certified and FSC Sourced products, CitiLog runs a Full Cycle Recycling Program. Based in New Jersey, CitiLog comes to construction sites where trees are set for clearing and removes the trees for milling, drying, and crafting into custom products. The results include cabinets and casework, flooring, decking, and fencing. Vintage MaterialVintage Material Supply Based in Austin, Texas, Vintage Material Supply Company salvages all grades of wood for reuse as new products, striving to use 100 percent of all sound reclaimed material. The company offers complete milling services for post-and-beam structures, exposed trusses, doors, windows, wall paneling, custom furniture, and more. Urban Hardwoods Urban HardwoodsThis Washington-based company makes salvaged hardwood furniture originally plucked from the streets and backyards of Seattle. Urban Hardwoods’ offerings include coffee tables, benches, chairs, and slabs made from elm, madrone, maple, walnut, and other wood varieties. Endura Wood Endura Wood of Portland, Oregon shows a commitment to preserving forests while providing fine wood products for building. Their wood offerings are either reclaimed, certified, recycled, or agri-based. Barnstormers Woodworks The furniture and flooring made by Barnstormers Woodworks in New York is made from 100 percent recycled barnwood. The company’s products include barnwood hardwood flooring, hand hewn beams, hand hewn barnwood, and furniture. Wooden DuckThe Wooden Duck Based in Berkeley, CA, the Wooden Duck specializes in furniture made from recycled wood, as well as restored antique pieces imported from Europe, Indonesia, and China. The company stands behind the stability, richer color, and patina of older wood. Keep in mind that purchasing salvaged wood can have its risks and disadvantages. Because it must be dismantled, sorted, and otherwise prepared, salvaged wood is often more expensive and the quality can vary. When you find well-crafted salvaged wood products and material, though, the payoff can be high, both to your home environment and the environment at large. Ask your remodeling contractor if salvaged wood has a place in your home improvement project. Links: Choosing Deconstruction over Demolition